A world class agent — I would rate you at the very top

A world class agent — I would rate you at the very top

Laurie and I wanted to thank you for all the invaluable help and support you provided in our long and involved search for the perfect home!

As you know, I have bought and sold dozens of single family homes in the past and have always used a real estate agent, even though I am a broker myself, and by now have formed some opinions about what makes a world class agent. I would rate you at the very  top – follow through, persistence, professional skills and above all, attitude. Our interests were always first and foremost.

Please don’t hesitate to give my contact information to anyone who might be considering your services.


Laurie and I are pleased to add a strong second to our recommendation from 2017 after recently completing our 1031 exchange of investment property with your representation. You expertly guided us and our team through a complicated and challenging escrow, even garnering respect and praise from the lender. An additional criterion of this exchange was our desire to purchase property that we loved enough to possibly become our residence when we retire and which would continue to provide income. This was a taller order than simply locating rental property. We’ve come to expect successful results from you and are thrilled with our three charming homes in the idyllic Sebastopol countryside with their significant income potential. Thank you once again, Susan, for your superlative service.


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